November 20, 2018

Mary Nohl Fellowship Award

Yes, I am the last person on earth to have a blog.
I am extremely grateful, and well, stunned, to have received the Mary Nohl Fellowship for emerging artists in the state of Wisconsin. It's such an honor, thank you.
I have spent the last four years since having children, sleepless, changing diapers, doling out snacks, with a baby attached to my boob. It can be quite isolating having kids, and I am a hermit type person to begin with, and so these past few years I have spent a lot of time in my mind reckoning with myself and my new position in life. When I had my first child, followed soon after by a second one, I all but stopped making work while I navigated this new identity with the scraps of my former self. These past four years have been the most profound in my life. Profound in love, profound in reflection, profound in hurt and profound in a contemplation of time. The slow march of existence. These last years have been the richest in my imagination and in my reality. Below are a selection of paintings I made this past year in my return to painting that contemplate these ideas. I look forward to the opportunity to disappear into my mind, the place I have always felt most comfortable, to create new works for the fellowship that will be exhibited alongside such an exciting group of fellows at the Haggerty Museum of Art in May, 2019.
Here is a link to the Mary Nohl announcement in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. The works below were a part of my exhibition Domestic Animals alongside Colin Matthes at Gallerie Kenilworth in Milwaukee. Many of these works are available through the gallery, and if you are interested you can contact them.
 In additional news, I will be participating this year in the annual art fair HOVER CRAFT
Sunday, December 9th at the Pritzloff building. I will be selling hand painted plates.
Thank you, Makeal

July 22, 2016

M HKA Museum Interview with Kati Heck and the Extremely Slow and Painful Death of the Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show

For three months of 2015, Colin, Orla, and I lived in Antwerp, Belgium during his artist-in-residence at Het Bos. It was a strange and surreal time. I still don't know if I enjoyed myself. It is all a blur save these few memories.
Memory #1: An aerobics class I joined for several weeks at the top of an old Turkish bathhouse with a beautiful stained glass ceiling and women wearing Hijabs doing choreographed Jazzersize together. It was in Flemish. I remember an instruction that sounded like "annaboven." I think it meant "up."

Memory #2: Orla had her first high fever in Antwerp. We took her to the emergency room and a nurse and a student attempted to take blood from her tiny little hand. They couldn't get the needle in correctly and blood was dripping everywhere. It went on forever and she cried in a way that made me cry. Her hand was bruised for a month and if I look closely I can still see a tiny scar.

Memory #3: Orla had her first stomach flu. I sat on the bedroom floor against the wall holding her all night while she vomited on me. Gross love.

Memory #4: Watching the Jordie Shore and Are You The One? on MTV with Colin.

Memory #5: The terrorist attacks in Paris. A week before the attack we were there visiting a friend of mine and another friend said to me, "You can really feel this tension in the air here, like something is about to happen." I didn't think too much of that because I couldn't feel the tension. A week later in the middle of the night we watched it unfold on television in horror and disbelief. It was an extremely strange feeling to be that close. And it was eye-opening seeing how Europe was bearing so much of the weight of dealing with the refugee crisis that America was largely responsible for and doing very little about. I saw armed soldiers and tanks in the streets of Antwerp.

Memory #6: We took an impromptu trip to Ireland to visit friends at the end of our stay in Belgium. There was a wild storm that lasted three days while we were there. The house we were staying in flooded.  We were at our good friends house for three days eating, smoking, drinking, and watching the wind howl outside. I saw the wind lift two wheels of a car.

Memory #7: I had the honor and pleasure to interview Kati Heck for her exhibition catalogue Holy Hauruck at the M HKA Museum in Antwerp, Belgium. It is a five part interview. Kati is one of my most favorite people on the planet. I have scanned if you are so inclined to read them. It is a five part interview, enjoy.

The Extremely Slow and Painful Death of the Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show

Yes, it's over. We tried. We loved the show. We made every effort and spent a lot of time trying to make it happen, but we had to let it go. It pains me to say it, but if I'm honest it got to be too exhausting to deal with a latently sexist and self aggrandizing so-and-so who never kept their word. I'll leave it at that. The show as it was is dead, but we aren't, so I still have hope that it will take on a new life, in a new way, someday.


February 12, 2016

November 25, 2013


Friday November 22nd, I participated in the group exhibition, Or So It Would Seem at The Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin alongside Maja Ruznic, Ney Tate Frasier, Andy Lane, and Carri Skoczek. If you're in the city check it out! 
Like most of my obsessions they are usually inaccurate and mostly seated in whim and conjecture. My drawings of The Seven Sisters is pretty much the same. I did not draw them because I am interested in Greek Mythology and from doing this have realized that if you draw anything from Greek Mythology people will ask you a million questions about Greek Mythology. 
These are my seven sisters, well, some of them. 

"An open cluster, loosely bound, that will, eventually, after a few hundred million years go their separate ways." 

Halcyone, one time she whipped herself in the ocean and then became some kind of goddess that wards off evil storms. She isn't crying, she is starting over. 

Celaeno, she is swarthy and has a beard. 

Maia is the goddess of spring. She is the the most beautiful. Her daughter became the mother of the sirens. 

Merope eats bees. 

Taygete, Zues wanted to R her so she dressed up like a deer and tried to hide but he found her and R'd her anyway and she became the goddess of wild animals. 

The Believer! I have some illustrations in the current issue. 

In other brief news The Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show, a one hour radio show I co-host with Ella Dwyer is in its 32nd episode today. The program airs every Monday on 91.7 WMSE at 11:30am. We are currently still in the development stages of our website and hope to have it up and running in the next month or so. Next month I will be in Malaga, Spain for a few weeks attending the opening of Kati Heck's exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art there and I will end on a poem I wrote for this exhibition for Kati. Its about Pears and here it is. 

Pear A Dice
The inside it seems,
Might mimic the outer
But I ain't no god damn cosmonaut,

They appeared before
So the next time your bored
Tune your tv to the static
And watch the big mama
Give birth
To the big baby
Known as the universe.

I know you've been dying to show me
But before you do
Remember this:
You're a spare pair
I use sparingly

August 12, 2013

The Mass Exodus: A Mural

It took five seasons of The West Wing and two audiobooks but I've finally finished painting a mural that will be hung at the HiHat Garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's super glossy and difficult to photograph but I did my best.

April 04, 2013

The Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show

The Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show aired its first episode titled Pepperjack and the Truck Pool last Monday on 91.7 WMSE in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The radio show is co-hosted by myself along with Ella Dwyer and is produced by Tom Crawford and Alex Scheiwe-and many others put their hard work into the show. Monday at 11AM is our regular airing time from here on out until they cancel us.

Of COURSE we made a FACEBOOK page for it.


March 19, 2013

The Fire Museum

It feels almost like living in the country for 9 months never happened- the way leaving Ireland felt. One moment you're playing cards in a small whiskey bar near the ocean-the next you've been living in a farmhouse-mostly isolated-for 6 months and have begun to notice you now have the habit of mumble-thinking.  But alas, we return to Milwaukee.

For the past several months I have been working on a drawing and screen-printing collaborative exhibition currently on view at The Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee with Jessica Seamans of Landland, Alyssa Schulte and Ella Dwyer. I have never collaborated in this way before and it was exciting to work with ladies whom have influenced and inspired me. We set up drawing dates and in my tiny apartment while listening to Roseannearchy (I love Rosie) created the drawings that Jessica Seamans then scanned, designed, and printed in her studio in Minneapolis. Here are a few images-forgive the poor quality. FORGIVE.

The show opened March 15th. There is a second opportunity where at least some of us will be there Friday, March 22 for the SGC Conference that is being held Milwaukee this year. The gallery has regular hours as well and will be up for a month. There are some really fantastic things happening for the conference. Justseeds Artist Cooperative is in town and will be having an exhibition at the Union Art Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Also- Little Friends of Printmaking 's exhibition Milwaukee's Worst is on view at the SkyHigh Gallery in Bayview.

Lot's to see this week.

 I have been obsessed with The Believer for a long time- so it is quite an honor to be included in the 10th anniversary edition of the magazine. I did a Process interview with Kati Heck where we discussed one of her paintings.
This painting in fact:

The magazine is available now!

This is getting really long.
OK. Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show! YES! Myself along with Ella Dwyer are in the pre-production stages of a new radio show on 91.7 WMSE here in Milwaukee. It's pretty wing-nut and a sort of free form arts-ish program with interviews, stories, special guests, and music. It's been a pretty strange experience trying to figure out how to talk into a microphone. Our first show airs April 1st at 11 AM.
Tune in. I love that I can say tune in...wait...does tunes come from tune? See-this is the kind of brilliant thinking you will get on our program.


May 4th, 2013 is the opening of my exhibition, The Fire Museum, at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

For now, thats enough.

November 21, 2012

Art Vs. Craft: Plates! Bags! Gold Teeth! Sweatshirts! Books! (I didn't know what to call this...)

Its here! This Saturday November, 24th at the Harley Davidson Museum is Art Vs. Craft. The last two months I have been holed up painting on to plates, and making sweatshirts t-shirts and bags. My new book Please Let me Have all the Things I Desire will also be available. Straight up sweatshop at the pink farmhouse. Here is a little preview of what I have been up to. I look forward to seeing you there!

Ok. Thanks. Hope to see you there.