January 28, 2010

Howard Zinn 1922 - 2010

     Up until his last days, the historian and activist, Howard Zinn spent his life resisting war, power, and greed. For myself, and many others, Howard cracked history open and taught us to not simply look into its brilliance, but to see, with eyes wide open that history is not a linear timeline, but that there are many sides to history. Many histories. 
He empowered those of us who listened to participate, organize, and to not only ask difficult questions but to answer them. He celebrated strength, not power. And he, above all, showed that change is practical and possible and spent his life committed to the people of this planet. 
I had the honor of hearing him speak a few years ago, and continue to listen and read and think about what he says. His words continue to inspire and move me. He was a personal hero of mine, and I have never felt so deeply touched by the life and death of someone whos hand I have never shook. 
He lived a long and courageous life, and his voice will ring for years and generations to come.
But still, I am deeply saddened by the loss of the irreplaceable Howard Zinn.
The world lost a very great man yesterday. A very great man, indeed. 

"The cries of the poor are not always just, but if you do not listen to them, you will never know justice."
Howard Zinn