August 23, 2012

The Bricks Are Dipped in Marble Dust

These drawings are from my most recent exhibition The Bricks Are Dipped in Marble Dust that was on view at the Sky High Gallery in Milwaukee earlier in the summer. 

The Bricks Are Dipped in Marble Dust is a series of mixed media works (pencil / gouache) created during the 9 months I lived in the land of rock and wind on the west coast of Ireland. I spent my time there hunching my shoulders to protect myself from the wind and rain, playing cards, developing a taste for whiskey, drawing and unhealthily, perhaps, turning my attention to the handful of people that shared the village with me. In a city your existence can remain anonymous, your little peccadilloes, your history, your secrets, your fears are yours alone. Life in a small village is different. There is nowhere for anyone to hide. Not from others, not from yourself. Your neighbors and even distant neighbors are the keepers of secrets yours, mine, theirs. It’s unavoidable really, to think that you yourself won’t know the ins and outs of those around you. You may as well just give into it. As I did Then I made drawings. 

I was invited to participate as an emerging artist at the Sharon Lynn Wilscon Center for the Arts in Brookfield Wisconsin September 14 - 16th 2012.