September 20, 2012

The Peanut Gallery Interviews: Sean McElroy & John Blalock

The Peanut Gallery Presents: Sean McElroy & John Blalock
Painter. Photographer. SeanJohn.

Sean & John stayed the night with Colin Matthes and I on their way from Seattle to New York. We ate cheeseburgers with burnt bacon and spent the evening sitting on the roof drinking and discussing Jeff Koons, New York, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the loud sounds of the country. After I scared them into thinking red ants were going to attack us all we moved into my studio. Midway through a faded yet in depth conversation about the similarities and attributes of Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson I decided to conduct the third interview of the peanut gallery. 

John Blalock is on the couch. Sean is on the incredible blowup mattress. See photo:

MF: Who would win in a fight between Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson?

JB: What is so sad about it is I feel like Owen would give up.

SM: But he doesn’t need to give up.

JB: No, he is probably stronger.

SM: That’s the difference between both of them. They are both from Texas and they are both blond 
dudes with big noses but Matt has no fear. He is fear.

JB: No he is a bro. Bros have fear.

SM: What’s his fear?

JB: He probably has some father issues.

SM: He’s a mama’s boy.

JB: I remember Matthew’s Wiki entry being very illuminating. I think he did have something with his dad. Lots of kids. Sort of like the dad isn’t around. Maybe I’m projecting.

MF: Who do you relate more to? Matthew or Owen?

SM: Personally I feel like I’m more of an Owen, but you want to be a Matthew. He’s more of an ideal.
JB: Ditto.

MF: Did you see Lincoln Lawyer?

SM: Is that where he is a scumbag?

MF:Yea, with Marisa Tomei.

JM: I served her an omelet once. She was with a younger 27-year-old dude from Europe or something.

MF: What kind of omelet?

SM: Tomato. She’s hot too.

MF: She looks better at 40 than I did at 20.

SM: I gave them bad service.

MF: Why?

SM: Because I am a bad waiter.

MF: Have you both been waiters?

JB:   I was a busboy, but never a waiter. I delivered trays at a VA hospital.

ColinMatthes: We can't all make it to the top.

MF: Who do you think would be the better waiter? Matt or Owen?

JB:  Owen would be a good waiter. Matthew better.

SM: Owen would be like; SO UM yeah there was a problem with the shrimp. I told you there was 
shrimp but we don’t have any. Matt would say something similar.

JB: I don’t think he would be nice, being a waiter is about being aware and perceptive of feelings.

MF: You don't think Matt is like that?

JB: I don’t think either is like that.

SM: Matt is like Clinton.

JB: And Owen is like Obama.

SM: You’re so right.

Sean McElroy collage

Sean McElroy is an art-man currently living in New York City. If he had an "About Me" on his website I might paste it here, but he doesn't. See for yourself  Golden Splinter

I found a lot more about John Blalock. You can see his work at JOHN BLALOCK

Here is what it says:The Artist In Residence at Seattle Children's Hospital, creator of the "Not Now" program providing arts for the young adult cancer populationJohn has been working in hospital arts for 10 years getting his start as a pediatric oncology nurse in 2002 he began work on the "Cancer Life" project which was a collaborative photography project following patients during and after cancer treatment. This work was exhibited at the Newspace Center for Photography in 2007. In 2011 he received a grant from the LiveStrong foundation to work as the Artist In Residence at Seattle Children's Hospital and in 2012 he founded the Not Now program with a grant from the Teen Cancer Fund.

September 11, 2012

Emerging Artist Gallery at Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts

        I left the pink farmhouse yesterday to paint the sign for the Emerging Artist Gallery at the Sharon Lynn Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I was invited to participate along with 10 other Wisconsin artists. The show opens Friday and runs all weekend.

I will be showing my most recent body of work last seen at SkyHigh Gallery in Milwaukee, "The Bricks are Dipped in Marble Dust"

You can view more of the series HERE

September 06, 2012

The Peanut Gallery Interviews: Jenna McDonald (Formerly Flammini AKA MY SISTER.)

Sister. Super Mom. Organized. 

We are sitting in our mom's kitchen & I just read her the following article:

ABC News, Kevin Dolak
The nuptials promise of "till death us do part" got an intriguing twist in the Russian city of Omsk when a woman received an elaborate marriage proposal from her boyfriend, who she thought had just died.
Irena Kolokov was caught off guard when she turned up to meet her boyfriend, Alexey Bykov, 30, but found what appeared to be a horrific car accident when she arrived.
"We'd arranged to meet at a certain place, but when I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke, and carnage," Kolokov told Orange News.
In a video posted on Russia's Life News, Bykov is seen walking away from the ambulance at the scene.
"When I saw Alexey covered in blood lying in the road, a paramedic told me he was dead, and I just broke down in tears," she said.
Horrified, she walked away, sobbing. Meanwhile, Bykov emerged from the ambulance behind her, giggling and holding flowers and a single golden mylar balloon.
His face covered in fake blood and his head wrapped in gauze, Bykov ran up to his love, who was so distraught that when her boyfriend approached her she shoved him off while crying uncontrollably.
Even when the sparklers went off in the background, Kolokov still had no clue that she'd been had.
It took some close consoling before she was calm enough for Bykov to get down on bended knee and ask her to be his wife. Luckily for Bykov, once her nerves had settled, Kolokov saw the humor in the prank, and decided to say yes.
To stage the entire event, Bykov hired a film director, a script writer, stuntmen, and make-up artists to make his proposal one of the most truly memorable moments of Kolokov's life.
"I wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me. I think it worked," he said. "But I promise it's the last time."

MF: What do you think of that?
JM: F**king Creepy.
MF: How did your husband propose to you?
JM: It’s a long story.
MF: Did it involve fake blood?
JM: No. Nothing as exciting as that. The more I think about that the more it makes me mad. You would be in such a state of messed up confusion. Two days later she’s gonna be like, “Jesus Christ did I say yes?” What’s he gonna stage if he wants a divorce, her death? I’m annoyed now. What else do you want to ask me?
MF: “A stitch in time saves nine” What does that mean?
JM: What?
MF: A stitch in time saves nine.
JM: I don’t know. That’s a dumb saying.
MF: What does it mean?
JM: I don’t know. Fix it. Why does it say 9? Whats 9? Why not 2 or 4? Whats 9? It should be catchier. Like "A stitch in time stops a crime.” What’s another saying? Here I have one, “You have to sit by the side of a river a long time before a roast duck flies into your mouth.” (laughs) I’m thinking it means just what it says.
MF: So what do you think about the internet?
JM: Um. I like it. Stop asking me stupid questions.
MF: You’re on your computer! You have to engage with me.

JM: Oh-yea-ok. 6 and 9 stitches. Dumb.
MF: What are you?
JM: Stay at home mom.
MF: How many kids do you have? 2?
JM: Why are you asking me things you already know?

MF: Tell me about Grandpa Nick's petting zoo in Warrens, Wisconsin?
(My sister, nephews & I went to a “petting zoo” where the animals were clearly being neglected and abused. They were covered in flies and filth.)
JM: Concentration camp for animals.
MF: Yep. That sums it up.
JM: Weird music. God that music was weird. Wasn’t it? When we got there I thought, "Aww, that music is cute!" Until you saw the animals. I felt like there was going to be a kid in a barn stroking a bloody lamb and grandpa nick was going to come out wearing a sheep shawl and red lipstick. Christ. The sheep are bah-ing for their lives. Nobody cares.
MF: Yea. They never called us back.
JM: I know! That place is the stuff nightmares are made of. Ok. So Grandpa Nick is a freak. What else do you want to talk about? God. The saddest thing was the ram. He couldn’t even eat because his horns were so long.
MF: This is getting really dark.
JM: Should we turn it around?
MF: I don’t think we can. It’s a one way street to Grandpa Nicks.
JM: No. I’m pretty sure it’s a two way street. You get in and you get the fuck out.
MF: OK. I’m going to toss in a little art question. What do you think about it?
JM: What?
MF: Art?
JM: I thinks its great. I’m envious. Isn’t it kind of weird that you and mom got the artistic ability and it skipped me?
MF: That is weird. You like crafty things. You really like when something is clever. It makes you really happy to be amazed by how clever something is. I feel like you say, “Look at that! Isn’t that clever?” a lot.
JM: Its true! That’s why I love pinterest. I can never come up with clever things. I’m also obsessed with buttons you can push, organizational compartments, bins and totes. Love em.
MF: You like pinterest?
JM: Yea. Very clever. You know how many things you can do with a crate? Lots of things. Things I would never think of. Clever people on that website.
MF: SO which kid is your favorite?
JM: I’ll tell you what, I’ll fake a car accident in front of my 1-year-old and my 6-year-old and whichever one is the most torn up I like the best.

The Wolf Fight & Best Friends & Lovers


If you read the last (and first) interview of The Peanut Gallery with Colin Matthes you might recall a snippet about a fight I lost.
It began over a colored pencil drawing I did in High School of a lion cub with its two front paws lying on a tree stump.  I will admit that is not such a cool reason to get in a fight. BUT this girl ripped up my drawing that I had been working on all semester AFTER she already stole away the boy I liked. It was pretty simple according to my best friend at the time: I had to fight her.
We were sitting in her basement bedroom where I was trying to sound cool & pretending that I might actually fight her-which I totally would not have-when my friend got us a ride into town to the boys house where she was. On the way there I sat in the backseat in shock that I was actually supposed to fight someone in a little while & they plotted how they were going to "trick her" into coming downstairs to the parking lot where I would be "waiting." It was just getting dark out and I was hiding behind a car when they went in secretly hoping she wouldn't be there. But of course the "trick" worked & she along with the boy came outside. This part is vague.  I remember I called her some names & probably said something about my drawing. (I really cringe at the thought of myself yelling "You tore up my lion drawing!")
My memory comes back into the story when she is holding me backed up against the aluminum siding of the house exhausted & I can hear my friend somewhere in the distance yelling, "KNEE HER! KNEE HER!"
In my defense I had never kneed anyone before. It just never came up prior to that moment. So I tried it. Basically I  lifted my knee up & touched her leg with it. She was probably about a foot taller than me. I am 5'2. She stopped holding me against the wall, got a huge smile on her face, stepped back and said, "Yeah. That really hurt."
In retrospect this was my moment to walk away. Instead I mustered up every ounce of energy I had left & slapped that smile right off of her face. Up until now I think she was still holding off on fighting me. The slap sorted that all out. What happens in the next few moments is pretty foggy but when I come back to I am splayed out on top of a car in a lot of pain with many punches hitting me. My friend jumped on her back & the boy I liked along with the driver of our car are standing together on the porch looking embarrassed & bored.
I don't know how it ended. I think she decided though.

I haven't been in a fight since. Except the time a girl got out of a white van & punched me in the forehead. You can't really call that a fight though. I just started crying.
You know a wolf is very brave. A Wolf is one of the few animals that will take on a fight it knows it cannot win. Just saying.

This is a new series of drawings I'm working on. They are all 8x10, colored pencil.