September 06, 2012

The Wolf Fight & Best Friends & Lovers


If you read the last (and first) interview of The Peanut Gallery with Colin Matthes you might recall a snippet about a fight I lost.
It began over a colored pencil drawing I did in High School of a lion cub with its two front paws lying on a tree stump.  I will admit that is not such a cool reason to get in a fight. BUT this girl ripped up my drawing that I had been working on all semester AFTER she already stole away the boy I liked. It was pretty simple according to my best friend at the time: I had to fight her.
We were sitting in her basement bedroom where I was trying to sound cool & pretending that I might actually fight her-which I totally would not have-when my friend got us a ride into town to the boys house where she was. On the way there I sat in the backseat in shock that I was actually supposed to fight someone in a little while & they plotted how they were going to "trick her" into coming downstairs to the parking lot where I would be "waiting." It was just getting dark out and I was hiding behind a car when they went in secretly hoping she wouldn't be there. But of course the "trick" worked & she along with the boy came outside. This part is vague.  I remember I called her some names & probably said something about my drawing. (I really cringe at the thought of myself yelling "You tore up my lion drawing!")
My memory comes back into the story when she is holding me backed up against the aluminum siding of the house exhausted & I can hear my friend somewhere in the distance yelling, "KNEE HER! KNEE HER!"
In my defense I had never kneed anyone before. It just never came up prior to that moment. So I tried it. Basically I  lifted my knee up & touched her leg with it. She was probably about a foot taller than me. I am 5'2. She stopped holding me against the wall, got a huge smile on her face, stepped back and said, "Yeah. That really hurt."
In retrospect this was my moment to walk away. Instead I mustered up every ounce of energy I had left & slapped that smile right off of her face. Up until now I think she was still holding off on fighting me. The slap sorted that all out. What happens in the next few moments is pretty foggy but when I come back to I am splayed out on top of a car in a lot of pain with many punches hitting me. My friend jumped on her back & the boy I liked along with the driver of our car are standing together on the porch looking embarrassed & bored.
I don't know how it ended. I think she decided though.

I haven't been in a fight since. Except the time a girl got out of a white van & punched me in the forehead. You can't really call that a fight though. I just started crying.
You know a wolf is very brave. A Wolf is one of the few animals that will take on a fight it knows it cannot win. Just saying.

This is a new series of drawings I'm working on. They are all 8x10, colored pencil.