November 25, 2013


Friday November 22nd, I participated in the group exhibition, Or So It Would Seem at The Portrait Society Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin alongside Maja Ruznic, Ney Tate Frasier, Andy Lane, and Carri Skoczek. If you're in the city check it out! 
Like most of my obsessions they are usually inaccurate and mostly seated in whim and conjecture. My drawings of The Seven Sisters is pretty much the same. I did not draw them because I am interested in Greek Mythology and from doing this have realized that if you draw anything from Greek Mythology people will ask you a million questions about Greek Mythology. 
These are my seven sisters, well, some of them. 

"An open cluster, loosely bound, that will, eventually, after a few hundred million years go their separate ways." 

Halcyone, one time she whipped herself in the ocean and then became some kind of goddess that wards off evil storms. She isn't crying, she is starting over. 

Celaeno, she is swarthy and has a beard. 

Maia is the goddess of spring. She is the the most beautiful. Her daughter became the mother of the sirens. 

Merope eats bees. 

Taygete, Zues wanted to R her so she dressed up like a deer and tried to hide but he found her and R'd her anyway and she became the goddess of wild animals. 

The Believer! I have some illustrations in the current issue. 

In other brief news The Wild Wild Midwest Variety Show, a one hour radio show I co-host with Ella Dwyer is in its 32nd episode today. The program airs every Monday on 91.7 WMSE at 11:30am. We are currently still in the development stages of our website and hope to have it up and running in the next month or so. Next month I will be in Malaga, Spain for a few weeks attending the opening of Kati Heck's exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art there and I will end on a poem I wrote for this exhibition for Kati. Its about Pears and here it is. 

Pear A Dice
The inside it seems,
Might mimic the outer
But I ain't no god damn cosmonaut,

They appeared before
So the next time your bored
Tune your tv to the static
And watch the big mama
Give birth
To the big baby
Known as the universe.

I know you've been dying to show me
But before you do
Remember this:
You're a spare pair
I use sparingly